Fateful Italian Passion 2

A New Breath of Dark Romance

Fateful Italian Passion 2



Publish Date

Olga Goa

Fiction, Erotic, Romance

December 24, 2019

Short Description

A suspense-filled, dark romance set within the beautifully eternal backdrop of Rome, Italy is where two broken souls, Milano and Veronica, find one another. A journey of love and darkness entwined as they attempt to fill the void in their hearts.

Will they heal their hearts or will they break them?


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Milano and Veronica were able to solve their differences and live together in Milano’s house. Like magnets, they can never be apart. An attraction so strong and deeply rooted, no amount of bickering or quarrels can tear them apart, nor their desire to be with one another.

However, family interference and the nature of Milano’s job begins to weigh heavily on their relationship and Milano slowly veers away from Veronica. And there are new players in town that add more tension: Milano’s former mistress, Bianca Lesti, and his office secretary, Susan Davis. These women are battle-ready for Milano’s heart.

Will Veronica lose this time? Will she be able to sustain the tempo of her growing love for her man? Will she finally win the coldhearted and invincible Milano?

All these things will be revealed in the continuation of the series VENEZIANI FAMILY (FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION).

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Olga Goa

Olga Goa

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