Faith is Like Chocolate

Faith is Like Chocolate



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Darla Noble

Nonfiction, Family and Relationships, How To, Self-Help

May 1, 2018

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Using things like chocolate, pizza, school suppies, and more, children, tweens, and families discover what a personal relationship with Jesus is all about and why it's the relationship that matters most.


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Faith is Like Chocolate" is a devotional book for children and young teens. Using things like chocolate, classic kid's books, rocks, school supplies, cheese pizza, and a number of other things, each 2-3 page devo helps kids come to the realization that a relationship with Jesus should be a personal thing--not just something they do because we tell them to. Each devo ends with 2 or 3 questions that are self-reflective in nature. The book can be used for personal devotion time, family devotion time, or in Sunday school, youth group, children's church, or even a Christian home school co-op.


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Darla Noble

Darla Noble

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