Extraordinary Women of Courage - Box Set (6)

Extraordinary Women of Courage - Box Set (6)


Gail Meath


Fiction, Historical, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

August 7, 2020

Short Description


“She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.”  - r.m. drake -

Six standalone historical romance e-books in one that prove there is a female warrior within each of us... 


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  1. COUNTESS JACQUELINE (Book One): Jacqueline of Holland battles the most powerful male rulers in Europe for the freedom of her country, her title and her one true love. Medieval (1413). Based upon a true story.

  2. FIRE BLOSSOM (Book Two): Fire Blossom has no memory of her past when she is captured and beaten, but as her terrifying memories return, she is faced with risking her life to protect the man she loves and his family. Western (1843)

  3. THE PERFECT SISTER (Book Three): Katherine must shed her fears and play a deadly game with corrupt politicians to prove her sister’s killer is innocent. Murder-Mystery (1904)

  4. CALANESAEA (Book Four): Calanesaea has been in hiding for three years, yet she must confront her enemies in hopes of saving her father, her homeland and the man she loves. Romantic Adventure-Thriller (1785)

  5. HOLBROOK MANOR (Book Five): Sydney’s dreams were etched by her abusive mother, but when she falls in love with a man wanted for kidnapping and murder, she is trapped in his past trying to protect his daughter. Murder-Mystery (1910)

  6. NEW RELEASE INCLUDED!! SCANDAL IN BOSTON (Book Six): Devora’s estranged mother’s blackmail scheme is destroying her life, yet her mother has no idea how strong the power of love truly is. Murder-Mystery (1858)

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Gail Meath

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