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Elemental's Christmas Blast



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Alexi Ferreira

Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

November 29, 2020

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All you need is a little Christmas Miracle to conquer a tormented heart. 


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Christmas should be the time of year to be jolly, everyone around me is preparing for the festive season, but how can I be in a celebratory mood if Sara has left? I know she got fed up of waiting for me, but I'm a bomb ready to explode. How can I make her live that reality with me?

One minute he's cold and the next he's hot, how can I go through another Christmas wishing for Gunner to see that I am here for him no matter what? I can't wait any longer, the other women from the club have come up with a plan to force his hand, I know its risky and crazy but now more than ever I need to show Gunner that the only danger to me is if he isn't part of my life.

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Alexi Ferreira

Alexi Ferreira

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