Egg and Flour Basic Recipes

Egg and Flour Basic Recipes


Dominique Heitz


Nonfiction, Art, Cooking, Guide, Crafts / Hobbies, Health and Fitness, Self-Help, How To

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January 16, 2021

Short Description

Recipes for Egg & Flour



Stock up on Eggs and Flour! Best recipes for these two basic ingredients in the book...

Have you ever wonder what to do with Eggs and Flour?

Empty your pantry, stop buying, and start making fresh?

Read a book about the end of the world and want to stock up on Basic ingredients?

Too lazy to go to the grocery store?

Or just in lockdown?

This small book/ guide is for you... it will not make you a celebrity chef, but it will give you some tips on what to do with Eggs and Flour!

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Dominique Heitz

Dominique Heitz

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