Dystopian Girls

A 'nice guy' sexy adventure story begins

Dystopian Girls



Publish Date

Rodzil LaBraun

Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic

May 3, 2019

Short Description

Dystopia is better with girls.  Lots of them.

Mason, a good guy in a post-apocalyptic world tries hard to cling to his values despite the new dystopian society.  In a world where most survivors are female, and healthy males are rare, he overcomes his timid personality to draw the most attractive and powerful women to his side.


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Sexually charged and action packed, Dystopian Girls is an adult oriented novel that puts you in the mind of a respectable young man determined to make the best of a bad situation.  When reality begins to match up with fantasy he needs to carefully navigate his journey to keep everyone alive and happy, including himself.

Dystopian Girls is the first book of a unique and fascinating harem adventure style series written for adult readers.  This book has sexual content, profanity and violence.

"Nice start to a new twist on apocalypse stories."

"Great book series, can't wait for more."

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Rodzil LaBraun

Rodzil LaBraun

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