Dragon Girls

The exciting second book of the spicy action adventure Dirty Girls series

Dragon Girls



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Rodzil LaBraun

Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotic, Suspense, Thriller, Mythological, Paranormal and Supernatural

November 28, 2020

Short Description

Kash steps through a portal to land on a distant alien world of dragons and exotic women. Survival is a daily challenge and female company is the reward. The second book of the Dirty Girls series, intended for mature readers.


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Kash, a convict from our time, eagerly stepped through a portal into the unknown. What he found there was astonishing. An alien world full of danger, and human women covered in dirt.

Lucky just to be alive, Kash finds himself in an enviable position. Aboard a spaceship with six beautiful women, all having seductive body modifications. But not everything is coming up roses with these Dirty Girls.

The leader plots his death. The local wildlife wants to feed on his corpse. And other sexy women toy with him, emotionally and sexually. In this sequel to the unique harem adventure novel, Dirty Girls, Kash must navigate his adventure wisely. Otherwise, he could end up dead or worse, a lab rat on a space station somewhere. After all, he is the first known time traveler.

The Dirty Girls series is intended for mature readers due to profanity, violence and sexually explicit scenes.

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Rodzil LaBraun

Rodzil LaBraun

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