Dirty Girls

A time travel, action adventure, sexy space story begins

Dirty Girls



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Rodzil LaBraun

Fiction, Science Fiction, Action and Adventure

May 2, 2020

Short Description

Body modified space girls.  Dragons, aliens and time travel.  A battle for survival at every turn.  Dirty Girls is a harem adventure series that has it all!


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Kash is wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime and sentenced to death.  When given the option to participate in an underground scientific experiment, renewed hope emerges.  He eagerly agrees.

Though the choice appears to be simply swapping one method of execution for the other, he follows orders and steps through a mysterious portal.  It lands him unprepared for an alien world that would test his will to survive.

Strange beasts, including enormous flying lizards, populate a deadly planet bent on killing him.  His best chance to survive is then tied to an unbelievable sighting.  Beautiful human women, covered in dirt.

Dirty Girls is a harem adventure novel that blends many science fiction/fantasy elements into a fun atmosphere for action and opportunity.  This series is for mature readers only due to violence, profanity and sexually explicit scenes.

"Wow! Very good read."

"A well written science fiction harem story."

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Rodzil LaBraun

Rodzil LaBraun

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