Detangling Your Mind

Detangling Your Mind

How to declutter, cure brain fog and become a problem-solver.


Donna Wilson


Nonfiction, Finance, How To, Body / Mind and Spirit

Publish Date

November 9, 2019

Short Description

Have you ever had Brain Fog or times of stillness? Ever wondered why you no longer find fulfillment in your life?


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At times of stress, we find it hard to find focus. Focus is a skill that has been long forgotten yet highly sought after. Simply telling our self to focus or indulging ourselves into guilty pleasures only solve an external cure. The cure is created in the inside.
In this quick and easy read you will find the answers to:

Switching your mind from EVIL to LIFE
The Action steps taken toward achieving your dreams
How to find or bring back the perfect partner to put you back on track to becoming your full potential

This book was created with intent to provide material for those that do not enjoy reading and those that are busy and have very little free time. Awarding the book the following achievements during the Amazon promotion.

#1 in Education Problem Solving
#2 in Free Will & Determinism
#1 in 15-Minute Education & Reference Short Reads

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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

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