Deadly Secrets

What unspeakable truths lurk beneath the lies?



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H. R. Kemp

Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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In this multi-layered political thriller, ordinary people uncover an extraordinary conspiracy. Their choice is; stay silent and condone unspeakable injustice, or speak up and risk everything. It’s more than principles, it’s about lives. 

There is mystery, drama, and suspense. It’s a story of fighting the odds to do what’s right.

Can ordinary people thwart a powerful conspiracy?

Shelley Ormond’s life is about to change forever. Her friend, a young refugee, dies suddenly and the federal police have shrouded her case in secrecy. Shelley has never been bold, but she will have to break the rules and jeopardise her safe, public service career to learn the truth.

Her new friend Adrian, a medical researcher, is studying a mystery illness in outback communities. Young children are falling fatally ill, but there’s no obvious cause although suspicious mining activity in the area is worth investigating. 

Shelley delves deeper and is drawn into a sinister world of police cover-ups, organised crime, corporate greed and government corruption. If she obeys the law, the powerful will continue to break it. 

The stakes are high, and the treacherous schemers will do anything to keep their deadly secrets. Lives don’t matter, not even hers. 

Can they expose the plot before more lives are lost?

Will the formidable and ruthless forces behind the conspiracy stop them?



A Complex, Comprehensive Thrill Ride with Sharp Social Observation. This intricate socio-political thriller takes the reader through a mind-spinning myriad of mystery and intrigue while generating a delicious pallet of both likable and detestable characters. Greg McLaughlin (author of Third Party, Second Coming and more)

… an intense page-turner…The twists and turns of the plot keep us fearing and rooting for characters we have come to care about…a thrilling, twisting thriller with engaging, unforgettable characters. Matthew Arnold Stern (author of Amiga)

The story constantly surprises…I found myself going through a range of emotions: anger, surprise, fear, sadness, relief. Just when I thought I figured it out, the author put in another twist. Trudy Knowles (author of educational texts and an Inkitt author)

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H. R. Kemp

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