Dakota Blues

Dakota Blues

Karen Grace Book 1


Lynne M. Spreen


Women, Fiction, Contemporary

Publish Date

July 17, 2012

Short Description

“A must-read.”- San Francisco Review of Books

Dakota Blues is an uplifting midlife women's novel, the first in the Karen Grace series. Cut loose at midlife, Karen is fired after attending her mother's funeral in her Midwestern hometown. Now she's fifteen hundred miles from home, just one more aging worker out of a job in a tough economy. To make matters worse, her husband left her for his pregnant girlfriend. At a crossroads, Karen must find the courage to change. Needing time to think, she agrees to take an elderly neighbor on one last road trip, but on a deserted highway in Wyoming, Karen is forced to make a lethal and life-changing decision.


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Lynne M. Spreen

Lynne M. Spreen

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