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Daily Gratitude Reflections:

Daily Gratitude Reflections:

365 Guides to Great-Full Living


Deborah L. Perdue


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help, Health and Fitness

Publish Date

November 14, 2016

Short Description

This book is full of daily inspirational readings that serve as a simple, spiritual guide which endeavors to teach readers how to live the good life through 365 simple, daily reflections.


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Daily Gratitude Reflections, 365 Guides to Great-Full Living is created to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to you, whenever you need a remembrance of all there is to be grateful for. These daily guides can be started on any day of the year, and are a splendid way to begin your morning or to read before bedtime.


Each Daily Reflection is designed to facilitate and nurture a deepened attitude of gratitude within the reader and lead you to reap the many benefits of doing so.
Did you know? Gratitude is a proven panacea for worry and depression, and a top contender in successful stress management, reduction, and elimination. How? Because it is literally impossible to be stressed and grateful at the same time.

Each day features a simple message that may prompt a smile or lend to deeper reflection. There are so many uses you will enjoy. You can either share the daily reflection with a loved one, use it as a journal prompt, or conversation starter, or just cherish it privately within your own heart.


However you decide to utilize this yearly devotional - every day will be transformed!

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Deborah L. Perdue

Deborah L. Perdue


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