Currents Deep and Deadly

Darcy Farthing Adventures Book #1

Currents Deep and Deadly



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Arleen Alleman

Fiction, Action and Adventure

June 21, 2019

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This is a newly edited improved edition of Currents Deep and Deadly.


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In three intertwining chronicles blended into one fast-paced journey, a beautiful free-thinking but troubled pharmaceutical representative, Darcy Farthing, spins a tale of murder and madness aboard a cruise ship, reveals her own devastating but enlightening personal crisis, and offers tidbits of history and geography from her travel log of exotic South American seaports, Through a series of unlikely coincidences, Darcy meets Mick Clayton, the man she believes could complete her life, battles a psychotic shipboard killer, and runs headlong into her painstakingly hidden past. Soon, with the terrifying realization that she cannot trust this new romance or members of the crew, she must accept that there is no safe refuge in international waters. The wondrous and terrifying events of this month-long adventure send Darcy careening towards eventual salvation and redemption, or utter destruction.

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Arleen Alleman

Arleen Alleman

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