Cry Watercolors

D2 Edition

Cry Watercolors



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Carlos Alvarado

Fiction, Romance

April 28, 2019

Short Description

An introspective coming-of-age novel, even when confronted by the prospect of death.


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Comments from Indie-Book readers:

“…a superb, sometimes soaring piece of writing!”

“…His keen eye and mind for detail creates a canvas so rich,
characters so deep - it's magical to read.”

“…Beautifully written, gorgeously layered, Cry WaterColors is a
treat for the mind and the imagination."


When Mark’s sensitivities are heightened by an overwhelming sense that his loneliness had become desperation, Mark becomes receptive to Emilia’s curiosity and her pursuit of love with grace.


Emilia’s unabashed desire to seek out the truth from wherever it may arise, and amidst the splendor of Lake Tahoe, Mark is influenced to resolutely follow the joy of their developing romance—until he learns there may not be much time. Mark and Emilia must then deal with the consequences of love and life.

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Carlos Alvarado

Carlos Alvarado

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