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Crossing the Mirage – Passing through youth

Crossing the Mirage – Passing through youth


BS Murthy


Fiction, Women, Urban, Erotic, Psychological, Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

July 10, 2013

Short Description

This ‘coming of age’ novel, set in the dunes of Chandra’s self-perceived ugliness, Nithya’s plight by Vasu’s jilt, Prema’s heartburn by Sathya and the poetic justice in his unrequited love for Kala, besides unfolding the possibilities of life in the oasis of hope - of self-discovery, retribution, and atonement - challenges the perception that fact is stranger than fiction


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If passing through youth was like crossing the mirage of life for Chandra and Nithya, it proved to be chasing the mirage of love for Sathya and Prema though for plain Vasavi, Chandra's pitiable sibling, it was the end of the road.

As life brings Chandra, who suffers from an inferiority complex for his perceived ugliness, and Nithya, who was bogged down being jilted by Vasu, together, they script their fate of fulfillment.

And as poetic justice would have it, Sathya, who caused Prema's heartburn, himself was led down the garden path by Kala, doing a Sathya on Sathya.

Just not that, life has in store just deserts for Vasu owing to Nithya's retribution as he tries to stalk her.

Besides, after many a fictional twist and turn, the way the coming of age novel ends, challenges the perception that fact is stranger than fiction.

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BS Murthy

BS Murthy


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