Connect for Classroom Success

Connect for Classroom Success

A Mentoring Guide for Teachers K-12


R. Janet Walraven


Nonfiction, Education, How To, Parenting, Self-Help

Publish Date

November 20, 2019

Short Description

Find JOY in teaching and learning by connecting with all the players in your educational arena.


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Every teacher needs a good mentor. R. Janet Walraven, a master teacher, presents actual classroom scenarios to model effective interaction with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and staff. In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Manage your classroom with confidence and competence
  • Communicate effectively with parents/guardians
  • Build a good rapport with administrators and staff
  • Use your time efficiently
  • Teach and show how to learn with JOY.

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R. Janet Walraven

R. Janet Walraven

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