Coming Out of the Illusion

Realizing the real you

Coming Out of the Illusion



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Christopher Link

Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help

March 8, 2020

Short Description

The book covers multiple areas for self-realization and self-growth. There is something for everybody with chapters such as Energy, Health, and well-being, plus many more that inspire and empower the reader. There is a question part with the best available material pertaining to the topic of discussion.



The book is meant to inspire and empower the reader in multiple ways. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. The chapters of discussion are based on important topics that everyone goes through and deals with in life, such as Energy, Health, Well-Being...etc.The information is in an original creative writing style that is fun/easy to read and very stimulating/interesting. After each chapter and talking about the subject matter, there is a question part. This is where the Author gives the best information /recommendations that have been found pertaining to the chapter/topic of discussion, in the form of audios, videos, movies, books, websites, and people in that particular field to explore. The information in the book is based on Spirituality/consciousness/awareness and helps the reader to realize their true self beyond the Third Dimensional/man-made illusions. There is a wealth of information to help the reader in the area of Self-Growth and Self-realization among much more mind-expanding material to enjoy and further the knowledge base.

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Christopher Link

Christopher Link

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