Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions


Mark R. Hunter


Fiction, Romance, Humor

Publish Date

November 23, 2018

Short Description

Sparks fly in more ways than one when the fight to save a drive-in theater pits a big city lawyer against a small town businessman.




Getting tackled at an Indiana drive-in movie theater is just the day's latest indignity for Maddie McKinley … but it’s certainly the low point. When she gets into the wrong van it brings a knee-jerk reaction from Logan Chandler, the father of the kids inside. Logan's embarrassed about roughing her up, but intrigued by the beautiful young woman from Boston, who arrived alone at the movies wearing an expensive dress. Unfortunately, he’s the local businessman leading a battle to save the drive-in from developers—and she’s the disgraced attorney sent to make sure it’s torn down.


The legal battle sets them both on a path to redemption and each other, with the help of quirky friends and family who have them figured out long before they do. Also, with the help of coffee. Lots of coffee.

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Mark R. Hunter

Mark R. Hunter

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