Come See The Light

Come See The Light

A Future History Novel


Norman Luce


Action and Adventure, Apocalyptic, Fiction, Women, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

July 14, 2022

Short Description

A young girl and her Fox companion embark on a journey for the fate of humanity.




47 Years after The Wave wiped out all non-biological electricity; humanity has reverted to old-west-style living, making the most out of the significant change that reshaped the world. One young girl born into this new world, Maya, a capable survivor, and generally warm person, has lived a comfortable life in her village with her little brother and great-aunt. Things take an unexpected turn when Maya discovers the machine's location that has repressed the world's power and decides to set out on a journey to find it. Along with her loyal Fox companion, Inari, they will see the world as it has become, and Maya will decide if she will restore power to the world or not. Her journey will shape her choice, and by extension, the future of humanity as we know it.

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