Circles, Lines, and Squiggles

Circles, Lines, and Squiggles

Astrology for the Curious-Minded


W. Nikola-Lisa


Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit

Publish Date

October 20, 2021

Short Description

With the discovery of an old natal chart in his files, the author sets out to understand the principles of astrology and what his chart says about his life as a writer.



Finding a natal chart tucked away in his files, W. Nikola-Lisa tackles the rough-and-tumble world of astrology, hoping to find the answer to what an astrologer told him years ago: you have all of the Writers Destiny Marks except one—contact with publishers. Hovering between a Galilean dialogue and a Seinfeld episode, Circles, Lines, and Squiggles is a well-researched and thought-provoking account of an art form as old as the stars themselves.

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W. Nikola-Lisa

W. Nikola-Lisa

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