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Chill's Chance

Chill's Chance

Demon Dawgs MC Las Vegas - Book Two


K.L. Barstow


Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

December 1, 2022

Short Description

Here in Vegas we do things a little differently. Unlike most MC clubs, our Presdient believes in using the best man for the job. Even if that best man turns out to be a woman. I'm the SOA for our club and I'm very good at getting men to spill their secrets.


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Fool me once… I never thought I’d be THAT girl. The Other Woman. In my defense, I didn’t know he was married, but that didn’t make me feel any better. It’s why I left the Marines and returned to civilian life. Well, sort of. I joined an MC. Puma and the Demon Dawgs gave me a family and made me their SOA. It’s a place where I can utilize my special talents. Now my past mistake is back in my face and he needs my help. I’d like to help him into The Pit, where I keep all my good toys.



I’ve made more mistakes than I care to admit. Now the woman I wronged in the worst way possible is my best chance to save my son. I need her help, but after what I did to her, she’s more likely to kill me than help me. Wish me luck.

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K.L. Barstow

K.L. Barstow


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