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Children Of The Soil

Children Of The Soil

Nine Days To Growing Nutritious Microgreens At Home


Andrew Neves


Nonfiction, How To, Cooking, Guide

Publish Date

June 15, 2021

Short Description

I have spent a lot of time writing, researching, and experimenting with microgreens.


Consistently, the people like you who visit Microgreens World want to know more about growing microgreens.


So, I went researching and reading. My conclusion?


You are reading the definitive step-by-step guide to growing the children of the soil.


Don’t waste time with all the disjointed information or advice out there. Instead, let me show you how to get consistent results and healthier, more nutrient-rich plants while radically upgrading your microgreens knowledge to improve your health!


Even if you don’t have an indoor, outdoor, patio, or herb garden you will learn how to prepare, seed, germinate, manage, harvest, and store your microgreens in less than 10 days while spending less than10 minutes a day.


Gardening is therapeutic and encourages our nurturing instincts.


Once you know the basics, you have time to meditate and reduce the negative stresses of life.


If you just want to experiment, growing microgreens is fast and easy.


But they can also provide you with the nutrients your body needs to heal and can support your journey to a long and healthy life.


Let me be your coach.


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