Catching His Snow  Bunny

Catching His Snow Bunny


Brandy Golden


Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Suspense

Publish Date

February 13, 2022

Short Description

Can the sexy business shark have his revenge...and love?



When Danni Oaks almost runs over the new owner of The Stardust Ski Lodge with her snowmobile, her heart does a double-take. Until she finds out he may be in business with John Oaks. She adamantly refuses to be a deal sweetener for her manipulative father, even if the deal includes Sanders Linson.


Destroying John Oaks and his corporation is what drives Sanders Linson until he meets the man's daughter. Used to smelling blood in the water, he recognizes the pain in her troubled blue eyes. He's determined to have his revenge, but will it cost him the heart of the girl he loves?

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Brandy Golden

Brandy Golden

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