Gail Meath

Fiction, Mystery / Suspense / Thriller, Romance, Historical

Short Description

They went in search for her family and found her enemies instead.  A Romantic Adventure Thriller that takes place shortly after the Revolutionary War (1785)



Calanesaea was the lone survivor of a shipwreck just off the coast of the Bahamas three years ago. She has been living in hiding with a native family who believe the book of myths they found in her pocket tells her story. She remains silent. If she’s unable to speak, no one will know who she is, where she came from or why her ship had been attacked.

After Reece Garrett, Captain of the Danika, drops off his last shipment to the island, he’s anxious to return home to Boston and forget his godawful memories of the war. But when he discovers a native family has been murdered, he reluctantly takes Calanesaea aboard his ship and they set sail in search of her identity.

And they embark on a perilous voyage that leads them straight back into Reece’s worst nightmare...and hers.

Gail Meath

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