Burden of Truth

Burden of Truth


Kristin Ward


Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fiction

Publish Date

November 18, 2018

Short Description

I thought I understood the truth.

I thought I knew the whole story.

But no one really did.




In a country defined by scarcity and control, Enora Byrnes leaves the watchful eyes and secret agendas of the powerful and enters a society living on the fringes. Life beneath the surface brings her face to face with a world struggling to survive. Armed with knowledge and honed into a weapon for the resistance, she fights alongside those whom society deems rebels and uses her skills to steal a secret kept hidden from humanity. Enora becomes what she has hunted: a traitor.

As Enora embarks on a fateful quest, will she find the one thing that could give her world hope or a truth that is far worse than she ever imagined?

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Kristin Ward

Kristin Ward

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