Bullets and Bandages

Bond of Brothers

Bullets and Bandages



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Robert J Saniscalchi

Fiction, Historical, Action and Adventure, Military / War, Drama

February 5, 2020

Short Description

Bullets and Bandages: Bond of Brothers is a suspenseful novel, that is inspired by true events and unfolds like a memoir that doesn't just focus on the individual, but tells a larger story about brotherhood and courage.


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Here is a riveting war novel, focused on the American medics of the Vietnam War, executed in a superb fashion and woven from the very yarn of wartime trauma and emotion. This book is of a piece with Tim O'Brien's celebrated treatments of Vietnam, or on the basis of the taut, spare diction, perhaps the better analogue is Hemingway's Spanish correspondence or going back even further, the aching honesty and directness of The Red Badge of Courage.

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Robert J Saniscalchi

Robert J Saniscalchi

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