Bitten Sisters Book 5

Bitten Sisters Book 5


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Fantasy, Dark, Mystery

Publish Date

June 23, 2021

Short Description

Victoria is so excited with the expectation of a new sister. However, she is finding she is no longer the center of attention. She is feeling some resentment. Meanwhile, all the changes within the Council, the Bank, and Hell aren’t going smoothly. Uri and Nattie are feeling the stress and are being stretched thin. The Bank under Uri’s command is threatening to collapse, and he gets arrested. Hell is becoming Hell again. The Council with its reduced power is losing its touch, but they have a new project for Natalia.

Asister doesn’t have to be family. What is loved can be hated. And sometimes better can be worse.


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Natalia opened her eyes. Her body felt sweaty. Every breath was a strain,yet she knew she wasn’t in labor. Uri shifted beside her, but didn’t wake. He had been working so hard of late, that when he went to bed, he slept deep.

She mulled over what had woken her. The last time she waspregnant, she suffered from nightmares about her own child biting her. Those had been unfounded.

This nightmare was a memory.

All the Council members had gathered. She, Tia, and Mirren were the only ones not new on the Council. They were all there to witness Sherri’s execution.

Sherri was naked and in the death chamber cell. It was all concrete and piping. She was ranting and raving about how they were making a mistake.

Natalia remembered the end. Water sprayed from above, soaking Sherri. Then they electrocuted her.

In the dream, however, the water continued to flow and drownedthem all.

She rose with difficulty, swinging her legs out of bed.

‘What?’ Uri said in a sleepy voice.

‘Bathroom,’ she said.

He didn’t answer. She knew he was already back to sleep.

She rose with difficulty. By the time she reached the doorway to the bathroom, she could hear six padded feet following her.

‘What are you doing out of bed?’ Natalia said, easing herself onto the toilet.

Two sets of eyes, one blue and one gold, stared at her.

‘I thought I heard Matilda,’ Victoria said.

‘Matilda is sleeping.’

However, the moment she said that, Matilda kicked.

‘Ouch,’ Natalia said, rubbing her side.

Tail, the cat, settled between her legs, curling her tail around Natalia’s ankles.

Victoria smiled and giggled. Her blonde hair was sticking up in a wild hairdo.

‘Tell your sister to be good,’ Natalia said, still rubbing her side.

‘Be good, Matilda,’ Victoria said with a gleeful smile.

Merrup, Tail chirped.

‘Tail said so, too,’ Victoria said.

Natalia felt the baby shift, causing her to groan.

‘Is Matildacoming today?’ Victoria said.

‘No, not today.’

Natalia finished and flushed. She didn’t know if she would ever get used to having an audience when she was in the bathroom. Both Victoria and Tail always seemed to know when to show up if they weren’t following her around.

‘Where’s your nightgown?’

‘Floor. Hot.’

‘The air conditioning is on. Viperians don’t get hot. Go get your nightgown. You don’t need to run around naked.’

‘The big girls run naked.’

Natalia glared at Victoria and lifted a lip to show a tooth. She was getting the hang of Viperian parenting.

‘I’ll go get my nightgown,’ Victoria said, showing a slightly mopey look. ‘It’s almost light. I can get dressed.’

‘What time is it?’ She hadn’t looked when she got out of bed.

‘Almost light time.’

Natalia stepped out of the bathroom to see the clock.

“Almost five am. Go get dressed.’

She knew there was no more sleep for her, not with Victoria awake. Once she woke, she stayed awake. Thankfully, once she dressed, she stayed dressed.

Natalia followed Victoria out of the bedroom. She watched her go to her room while she headed to the kitchen. They were still staying in the apartment in Hell.

It had taken months to get a construction crew to work on their house. However, they found more structural damage than originally thought, increasing the repair time. The last estimate for completion was a few more weeks. It always was just a few more weeks, even after a few more weeks had passed.

She hadn’t seenthe house in months and didn’t know if Uri was making any additions or changes that affected the repair time. He wasn’t telling her, and she found she didn’t want to know.

She poured sanguine tea into two cups.

‘Tea party by the window?’ she said to Victoria when she came into the room.

Victoria wore shorts with a top that didn’t match.


Natalia set one cup on Victoria’s play table by the window, along with two cookies. She returned to her own cup and drained it.

‘I’m going to dress,’ she said to Victoria, so she didn’t follow her.

Tail had situated herself across from Victoria.

‘Okay.’ Victoria sipped her tea, but her focus was out the window.

Natalia went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. A hand reached up to fondle one of her breasts, which felt huge and swollen to her.

‘Don’t ever touch me again,’ she said with a slight hiss.

‘My lovely, cranky wife,’ Uri said in a murmur.

He pulled her down beside him.

‘How’s my girl, Matilda?’ he said.

‘She kicked me earlier.’

‘My feisty girl.’

‘All your girls are feisty.’

‘Are you going to the Council meeting this afternoon?’

‘Yes, required attendance.’

‘Okay, good.’

‘Why? What do you know?’

‘I know what is being presented.’

‘How do you know? I don’t even know.’

‘I can’t say.’

She jabbed him with one of her elbows.

‘You’re up to something,’ she said. ‘As usual.’

‘Nope, not me.’

He snuggled against her. His hand moved down to caress her bulging belly.

‘Matilda is quiet,’ he said while he continued to caress her.

‘She likes that, when you massage.’

‘You do too. Roll over onto your side. You will both be more comfortable.’

With grunts, she rolled over.

‘Victoria is up,’ she said. ‘I only want to lie down a few minutes.’


She sighed, and her body relaxed with his gentle massaging. The next time she opened her eyes, Victoria was staring at her.

‘Tea party over?’ she said to her.

‘Lunch,’ Victoria said.

Natalia glanced up to see it was almost eleven.

‘I didn’t want to sleep this late. Is Mag here?’


Natalia knew Uri had left for work. She cursed him for letting her sleep. With a grunt, she heaved herself out of bed to head into the bathroom. Both Victoria and Tail joined her.

‘Are you two going to take a shower with me, too?’

Victoria shook her head.

When Nataliafinished peeing, she turned on the shower and slipped offher nightgown. Victoria and Tail ran out of the bathroom.

Natalia kept her hair dry, washing only what she could reach without bending over. She only needed a good rinsing. Tonight, Uri would give her body his full attention in the shower and lather her up.

She wished he werehere when she stepped out. It was hard to dry herself. She gave up and walked around the bedroom, getting her clothes readywhile she waited for her body to dry. Her strawberry blonde hair was long, reaching past the middle of her back, and she wrapped it up into a messy bun. She was too pregnant to care about makeup, and her only jewelry was her necklace that was also a knife. The blue gems glittered the same color as her eyes. Her fingers had swollen and she couldn’t wear any of her rings, not even the ring that she usually wore on her right hand, the middle finger that indicated that she was part of the Viperian women’s community. Instead, she had looped her necklace through the ring and it dangled beside the knife that almost looked like a cross.

She figured she was dry enough and pulled over a cotton dress. It usually hung past her knees, but her belly caused it to pullup to reveal them and part of her thighs.She didn’t care. It was loose and comfortable.

She slipped her feet into sandals, then headed out of the room.

‘Good morning, Mag.’

‘Morning, Nattie. Do you want some lunch?’