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Bitten Babe Book 3

Bitten Babe Book 3


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Fantasy, Dark, Mystery

Publish Date

May 25, 2020

Short Description

The long awaited event has happened. Natalia has finally delivered her daughter, Victoria. Uri couldn’t be happier, but there is a ripple in the Viperian community. Victoria is very different looking. Many are wondering if she’s even a Viperian offspring. There is even a petition before the Council demanding a definition of what makes a person a Viperian. Natalia and Uri have a lot on their hands. Not only do they have to adjust to becoming parents, but they have to protect their daughter against some prejudices that run strong in the Viperian community. Natalia already knows her daughter is perfect. Now all of Viperia has to figure it out. Out of evil can come good and good comes in different packages.


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