Beyond The Crack in the Sidewalk

Beyond The Crack in the Sidewalk

And Other Stories


Maryann Miller



Publish Date

June 20, 2021

Short Description

Six of these seven short stories explore some aspect of living and loving and dying, three main elements that define our human existence. The lone holdout from those serious themes is a mystery written in the vein of “The Twilight Zone” that’s offered just for fun.


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The characters in these stories range in age from seventy-year-old Gloria, who is about to find love again, to five-year-old Bobby, who has no concept of why his daddy is no longer there. Then there’s sixteen-year-old Hannah, a runaway who finds love only to lose it. On a philosophical level, these stories reflect the world in which we live, bringing to light social issues such as homelessness, the human cost of war, sexual abuse, and when do we go too far in medical treatment.

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Maryann Miller

Maryann Miller

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