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A Beguiling Bachelor Prequel


Madison MIchael


Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Women

Publish Date

July 26, 2016

Short Description

Two Perfect Men. Two Best Friends. One Choice

Sloane Huyler is a spoiled, demanding beauty, and smart as a whip. She’s also lonely; manipulated by grasping parents to marry a man who can catapult them to the top of Chicago society.

Enter two men, both excellent husband material.

Wyatt Howe, IV, is movie-star handsome, old moneyed, well connected, and a hunk. He has a reputation as a player, but Sloane believes she can claim this prize. Sexy, rugged and enticing, the elusive Randall Parker gives Wyatt a run for his money in the looks and money departments, and in his appeal to Sloane.

These two are best friends. No way she can play them against each other. She must choose. Either man would fit her needs, and her father's, but so far, both have escaped the clutches of any women whose tried to pin the men down.

But Sloane’s not just any woman.

How does a woman choose between two perfect men? Especially two friends who have plans of their own?


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