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Banterwith With A Gun Book 2

Banterwith With A Gun Book 2


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Publish Date

August 22, 2021

Short Description

Banter used to work as a hired gun until she teamed up with Detective Corey Van Baine. After solving a mass murder case and him figuring out who she really is, Corey forces her into retirement. That is short-lived when a new killer stumps his department and he needs her help. Is it a serial killer, or another hired gun on a killing spree? Or something altogether different? No one can tell, but with the body count climbing, Banter finds herself enlisted to help on the case. However, a stalker is now plaguing Banter and she, who once was the hunter, is now the hunted. She must use all her skill and the advice of a five-year-old boy to survive and to crack both cases.


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