Bantering With Murder Book 1

Bantering With Murder Book 1


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Publish Date

July 1, 2018

Short Description

Banter is a gun for hire. After she does a hit in a park, she meets a good looking detective, Corey Van Baine, who is investigating the case. But he’s married. When Banter learns his marriage is on the rocks and his wife has left him, she becomes his unlikely therapist to help him overcome the devastation. However, Banter finds herself falling in love with him and suspects Corey is falling for her. A love affair enfolds via cellphones and brief glimpses as they do their jobs. Him, always one step behind her, trying to find out who she is, and she, leading him on… Until they find themselves working together on a mass murder case...and the bullets start flying.


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Banter could feel her gun strapped firmly to her back. It didn’t even shift when she executed one last cartwheel. She had calculated the distance precisely and landed right beside the picnic table. After two deep breaths to recover, she sat on top of the table with her feet resting on the seat. Three breaths later, the black stretch limo pulled up to the curb. She had been waiting for it.

“I don’t like you,” Banter said.

She stretched her right shoulder whileshe looked over the park, knowing she had to wait. This was her favorite place to go to execute her parkour moves. She liked that there were severalbenches, nicely spaced, a few half walls defining garden areas, and picnic tables she could use as obstacles to be navigated. The park still had the old-style metal swings with the A-frame base that was fun to run up and climb. She liked to walk across the top like she was on a balance beam. This was her way of training to stay in shape and keep agile.

Banter rubbed her hands together to generate some heat and expend some of her exasperation. She liked that her thin black gloves kept her hands warm with the added benefit of giving her enough feel should she need to pick a lock or someone’s pocket. They also prevented her from leaving fingerprints.

“Give me an opening. I’ve been after you for weeks. I’m getting tired of this. I need to use this gun and get rid of it.”

She adjusted her black hoodie, hoping that it would absorb a little of the sun’s warmth, but the late afternoon sun was already too low in the sky to do much good.

“I’m waiting, and you can’t see me. Take a chance.”

Banter didn’t know why, but a figure dressed all in black garnered no attention, as if invisible. Her clothing was all black, even down to her shoes, where she blacked out the logo with a permanent marker to keep her as nondescript as possible.

“We have company,” she murmured under her breath, as if she was alerting the gun.

A young girl that Banter guessed was about five years old ran to the swing set that Banter had climbed earlier. The child stood out, dressed in a bright red and yellow jacket. A woman that Banter knew was a hooker and probably the girl’s mother was strutting along the sidewalk where the limo pulled up. She looked a little cold wearing only a short tight red skirt and a white blouse, revealing hefty cleavage.

“Right on time today,” Banter said while she adjusted her hoodie lower on her face.

“Limo’s sitting lower than normal, don’t you think? Bet he brought company. So what do you think?”

Her one idiosyncrasy, because of working alone, was to talk to her gun.

“I bet he brought two or three buddies? Can’t be more than three. He would be too crowded and wouldn’t have room for the hooker.”

The window rolled down when the hooker approached. Banter could hear the murmur of voices, but couldn’t pick out any words. Then the window closed, and the door opened. A hand reached out and literally pulled the hooker into the limo. The door closed quickly behind her.

“I don’t think you know what trouble you’re getting into today, girl.” Banter murmured, knowing she needed to be patient and wait.

She rued the fact that the limo had bulletproof glass and reinforced doors. However, with multiple people in the back and one hooker, she was betting they would get sloppy.

The limo shifted just a bit from side to side.

“Someone’s having a little too much fun. Told you that limo was trouble, girl. Bet they are slapping you around and tenderizing you a bit. Those are not nice people.”

Banter counted out five minutes.

“Just about show time,” she said, stepping from the picnic table.

“Mommy? Mommy?”

Banter could see the child looking a little frantic, since her mother was out of sight. The child spun around tofocus on her becauseshe was the only personin view.

“Have you seen my mommy?” The child trotted over to her.

It didn’t surprise her that the child saw her. Children seemed to see everything. However, she thoughtthe child was a little too trusting, especially considering her mother’s choice of career. She decided to take advantage of it.

“Yeah, she’s in that limo having sex,” Banter said, thinking the child would be a good cover. “Let’s go over and check on her.”

Banter adopted a slow pace while she crossed the park. She heard the child following close behind her, liking the idea that the child would become a blind for a killer on the move. Banter slid out the gun from her holster. While keeping it hidden under her hoodie, she pulled out her silencer from another pocket and twisted it onto the gun. It was a small annoyance that the gun didn’t fit the holster with the silencer on. She had to keep them separate.

When shecame within fifteen feet of the limo, the door opened. The hooker almost flew out of the door like the men had thrown her out, making her land face first on the cement. Her bare ass was showing because of her skirt being hiked up. A perfect red bite mark adorned one ass cheek.One shoe was off. Her splayed legs prevented the door from closing. Voices and loud raucous laughter radiated from within the limo, letting Banter know the men weren’t paying attention to what was happening outside the windows.

She made her move, prepared for the worst-case scenario: four men in the back, a driver, and a man riding shotgun. Narrowing the distance, she deftly switched the gun to her left hand, getting the right angle and shifting her body to be out of the path of the ejected shells. She shot twice through the open door: one head shot at her target and one shot at chest level. Then she quickly shifted the gun to her right hand and changed the angle and shot twice more, hoping she hit whoever was sitting across from the back seat.

The driver’s door opened, but Banter, still moving, anticipated this and she firedone shot into the driver. He slumped over the steering wheel whileshe continued toward the front of the limo. The man riding shotgun looked like he couldn’t get out fast enough. He already had his door open enough and his gun hanging out in hopes he couldget her to hesitate. Banter knew the windshield protected her, plus she knew he didn’t have enough of himself out ofthe door to get the right aim. She kept moving, firing a shot at his hand, taking off a finger. Losing his finger caused him to lose his grip on the gun. He stumbled whenhe tried to recover his stance. The gun, now slick with blood, was foiling his attempt to renewhis grip. Itwasn’t helping that he was also trying to keep track of her position. With a second shot, she caught the man in the head, between the eyes. It was a clean shot, and he dropped like a rock, out of sight. There was the sickening thud of his head hitting the pavement.

Banter turned around and returned to her original position. No more doors opened. No more windows rolled down. She knew the driver and the man riding shotgun were dead. She knew her main target was dead since he had been the first one she shot. With that head shot, he was definitely a goner.

“Ah… gat de fuck out of here, ya bitch,” Banter said, using a low voice with a bit of an accent, talking tough to the hooker on purpose.

The hooker had yet to recover from her landing on the sidewalk, seeming to be afraid to move for fear she was next. Her child was crying beside her, tugging on her mother’s arm.

Banter’s tough talk caused the woman to gain control of herself and to rise. She pulled down her skirt and grabbed her child’s hand. Her nose was skinned and bleeding. The woman avoided looking at Banter as if she knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do. She limped off with her child in tow.

Banter did a quick look around the area before she returned to her picnic table. She took off the silencer and replaced the gun in her back holster, then put the silencer into her pocket. There wasn’t a single person around, and she knew it was safe to wait. She wanted to know how many people were in the limo without the risk of sticking her head in to find out.

“Damn. I should have asked the hooker. Why didn’t you remind me to ask the hooker?”

She looked in the direction the hooker had gone, but she was no longer in sight.

“Oh, well. At least it’s pretty quiet ar