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Bantering With A Dandy Book 3

Bantering With A Dandy Book 3


SJ Wilke


Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Publish Date

September 2, 2020

Short Description

Banter, an ex-gun-for-hire, now works for the police force. She is also a bit of a tom-boy, therefore, dresses and makeup aren’t her thing. However, she finds herself working undercover in a bar as a dolled-up dame trying to snag a drug lord, who wears a strong cologne that she can smell a mile away. Meantime, she is now a wife and mother with two young boys who create their own challenges with a husband who starts coming home late. And then there is the police force that needs a few updates to capture the criminals of the day. Banter feels like she has become the mother hen to the entirepolice force, which ishaving a few growing pains adaptingto Banter and how she operates.


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