Bait and Switch

A Jessica Minton Mystery Book 1


Sharon Healy-Yang

Fiction, Mystery / Suspense / Thriller, Historical

Short Description

An attractive, mysterious stranger; a suspicious package; and Nazi fifth columnists plunge actress Jessica Minton into a nightmare of murderous intrigue.



In a 1943 Manhattan stalked by fifth columnists, Jessica Minton, a young stage actress, becomes entangled with deceit, espionage, and murder when an unsettlingly attractive stranger makes her the unwilling custodian of a mysterious package. Jessica is shot at, nearly stabbed during a performance, and held at gun point by a Nazi double agent. As if dodging homicide weren’t enough, she finds herself romantically torn between her boyfriend and the elusive owner of the package – either of whom could be leagued with the Axis. Aided by her madcap sister Liz and her Wise Alec cat Dusty, Jessica must discern whom to trust, with not just her country but her life depending on her. Bait and Switch evokes the classic noir style, with a leavening of humor and heart.

Sharon Healy-Yang

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