Baby Settler by Hillary H Sadler

Baby Settler by Hillary H Sadler



Nonfiction, Family and Relationships, Guide, How To, Parenting, Self-Help

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May 20, 2021

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Baby Settler: It's Not Just About Sleep: Helping parents understand how feeding affects sleep and how sleep affects feeding.


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Here’s the truth. If you don’t understand how feeding affects your baby’s sleep, and how sleep affects your baby’s feeding, you will find that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and lack confidence in your ability to know exactly what your baby needs. This is especially true for breastfeeding mothers.

Almost every breastfeeding mom I’ve met asks themselves one of these questions…
Is my baby getting enough?
If I bottle feed, will my baby sleep longer?
I want to breastfeed, but will my baby still sleep through the night if I do?

Hear this: You can breastfeed and have your baby sleep through the night.

Understanding how breastfeeding and “schedules” relate to each other is the key to getting your baby to extend her nighttime sleep.

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