RC Cameron


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Crime, Police / Detective, Political thriller

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April 22, 2022

Short Description

Private investigator Jason Tanner finds himself grounded while his live-aboard boat must undergo major repairs. Invited to a political fundraiser he meets the candidate who, a few days later, will be arrested for murder.


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Do politicians play dirty? Grease their pockets? Can they resort to murder? Find out in this fascinating story about South Florida politics gone wrong.

Private investigator Jason Tanner gets a new client quite inexplicably.

After the police arrest upcoming county commissioner David Norris for murdering a young financial analyst, the defense team recruits Tanner to help with their investigation. When they learn the victim’s husband recently received divorce papers, they turn their attention toward the man once accused of domestic violence.

Recovered emails also reveal the victim contacted the county inspector general to describe a troubling situation. Was she killed for this reason? Or by the ex-husband?

The South Park Corporation comes under suspicion when the analyst discovers financial inconsistencies, but the authorities are reluctant to investigate. It’s left to Jason Tanner and his team to discover the truth. The drama will culminate at the Republican convention during the voting period.

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RC Cameron

RC Cameron

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