Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls



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A.R. Kingston

Fiction, Horror, Dark, Mystery

May 14, 2021

Short Description

Twenty-five years ago, a deal was made to save a child’s life. Now the time has come for someone to pay the price.

The isolated, fog-locked island of Autumn Falls holds many secrets. Its rocky soil is thirsty for human blood, and every few years, some residents perish in grisly accidents. Paramedic Charlotte Briggs is no stranger to secrets; she has a few of her own. But as she moves to this remote chunk of land in the Atlantic, the last thing she expects is for those secrets to come to light or for the land to hunger for her soul. Stalked by a mysterious creature and haunted by the demons of her past, Charlotte must uncover what the island is hiding or lose her soul.


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Paramedic Charlotte Briggs is a woman on the run. Having escaped an abusive man with her son, she lives out of motels until a mysterious call offers her a job in a sleepy, fog-locked town of Autumn Falls.

At first, the picturesque New England town, situated off the coast of Maine, seems like an ideal place to raise her son, until strange things begin to happen. At first, it’s just the crows following her around the island and the frightful creature lurking in the shadows. Then, the accidents start. Gruesome, bloody accidents unlike any she’d ever seen before. The island is thirsty for human blood. The dead also don’t stay dead. They either return to warn her or threaten her, and Charlotte suspects that not all is well in her new town.

Digging into the island’s past, Charlotte won’t only unearth its supernatural secrets, but also solve the mystery of her own link to this cursed chunk of rock in the Atlantic.

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A.R. Kingston

A.R. Kingston

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