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Ashes to Embers

Ashes to Embers

Rise of the Phoenix Book 1


Michelle Schad


Fiction, Fantasy

Publish Date

February 28, 2021

Short Description

Power burns in Reven Si’ahl’s veins. He sees snippets of a life unknown, hears a familiar voice he can’t place...

For five years Reven has existed as a bard and unwilling acquisitions specialist with two thieves, Liam and Ajana, who rescued him from the ashes of insanity. It’s a debt he’s determined to repay. When an urchin from a fallen empire joins their tenuous, sometimes volatile trio, however, all bets are off as Reven’s carefully crafted reality starts to crumble, sparking questions better left unanswered.

Kaleo Oenel knows his father survived the fall of the Phoenix Empire, despite the demons’ brutal attack of the tirsai people. Now, those same demons are charging into Kormaine, ready to crush the human-run nation. But his heart—and dreams—won’t let Kaleo rest until he finds his father.

Instead, he finds Reven—a drunken bard working with thieves. But Kaleo refuses to give up, settling into his new life, his presence seeming to disturb Reven whose ever increasing visions are rapidly shifting into terrifying nightmares of things to come—things they both lived through once before…


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