Adventures of a Clumsy Hero

The Academy



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Malevi Manenti

Fiction, Children Books

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“You have been chosen among thousands of animals around the world, to attend THE HEROES ACADEMY!"
“Me? A small, chubby kid with a rounded belly, funny teeth, and a huge bottom?
Well, then I’m going to be the WOMBATMAN!!!


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A Top-Secret Mis(shhhh)ion is about to begin. 
Read my diary and become our undercover agent! But you are bound to keep it a secret!
Our goal? To protect our endangered species and save our planet!
We are five. Five Clumsy animal kids.
Ready to participate in several drills...but in a magical way will end-up in a disaster!
Are we going to discover our hidden SUPERPOWERS and save the world?
Or will we get in dangerous trouble?
Join our ACADEMY adventure and find out!”

A book that was created by an educator, aiming to develop environmental consciousness and culture, by providing indirect messages to children in a funny and full of action context! 
Perfect for young readers and not only, "Adventures of a Clumsy Hero" proves that anyone can become a hero, by saving our home, our planet!

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Malevi Manenti

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