Adventures of a Clumsy Hero

The Academy

Adventures of a Clumsy Hero



Publish Date

Malevi Manenti

Fiction, Children Books

September 5, 2020

Short Description

“You have been chosen among thousands of animals around the world, to attend THE HEROES ACADEMY!"
“Me? A small, chubby kid with a rounded belly, funny teeth, and a huge bottom?
Well, then I’m going to be the WOMBATMAN!!!


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A Top-Secret Mis(shhhh)ion is about to begin. 
Read my diary and become our undercover agent! But you are bound to keep it a secret!
Our goal? To protect our endangered species and save our planet!
We are five. Five Clumsy animal kids.
Ready to participate in several drills...but in a magical way will end-up in a disaster!
Are we going to discover our hidden SUPERPOWERS and save the world?
Or will we get in dangerous trouble?
Join our ACADEMY adventure and find out!”

A book that was created by an educator, aiming to develop environmental consciousness and culture, by providing indirect messages to children in a funny and full of action context! 
Perfect for young readers and not only, "Adventures of a Clumsy Hero" proves that anyone can become a hero, by saving our home, our planet!

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Malevi Manenti

Malevi Manenti

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