The Ultimate Do-Over


Gary Chittenden


Science Fiction

Publish Date

August 3, 2021

Short Description

I've always found time travel to be an interesting subject, although it seems quite impossible to send a living thing back or forward in time. The paradoxes and discrepancies seem insurmountable. I have attempted in these five stories to present a more believable process than sending back a complete human.


A pentalogy of Time Travel stories with a possibly more believable process.



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"Time Travel That's Believable"

If you could go back.

When and Where would you go back to?

What would you do differently?

Which events would you change?

Would you make sure to meet the people you know in this timeline. or would you change things completely?

This pentalogy of time travel stories tells how five individuals manage these very questions in the do-overs that they chose, and how it impacted them, their families, and their friends, not to mention the world.

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Gary Chittenden

Gary Chittenden

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