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A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness by Tonya Ann

A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness by Tonya Ann

27 Lessons That Taught Me How to Create the Life I Always Wanted



Nonfiction, Body / Mind and Spirit, Guide, Health and Fitness, How To, Self-Help

Publish Date

July 30, 2020

Short Description

"I finally did it . . . I found happiness and pure joy and it was in the last place I looked! I want to share these lessons with you in hopes that it sparks something within that allows you the same joy I am feeling. You are worthy and deserving of living the best life that you can imagine."

Tonya Ann was just like everyone else: a hard-working mom putting her head down every day to provide for her family. But what about her dreams? What about true love? Why did every day feel like a struggle to get through when she had so many plans for her future? In a world that is constantly pushing us for more, it can feel impossible to find purpose and meaning. And then she figured it out. A Journey to Discovering Your Inner Greatness breaks down the hard lessons that Tonya had to learn in order to become her best self. By looking inward with vulnerability and a kind and forgiving heart, we can achieve anything. Tonya's 27 lessons show us how....



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