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A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart

MacKay - Canadian Detectives Series


Roxana Nastase


Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Police / Detective, Psychological, Romance, Crime

Publish Date

April 22, 2021

Short Description

A lazy detective, a beautiful immigrant with some strange talents, a horrible case, and paranormal events

With a bruised heart and pride, disillusioned, Mark stopped expecting much from his life lately. He is just doing his job like an automaton, counting the hours until he gets to go home.

Mark’s got the habit of making himself scarce when there is a lot of work, but fate throws a horrific human trafficking case in his lap.

What will he do when he must take over the case all by himself?

And what could go wrong?

Will Mark stop feeling sorry for himself and fight for the weak? Will the detective bring the guilty to justice?

What if Soledad, a beautiful South-American woman with the ability to steal his heart, crosses his path? Will she destroy the walls Mark has built around himself, or will she leave behind the shell of a man when the case is over?

Well, find everything out by reading the third book in the series MacKay - Canadian Detective. Will you root for Mark?


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