"The Unknown Breed"

"The Unknown Breed"


Shelli Misoyianis


Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fantasy, Children's Books, Mythological

Publish Date

May 24, 2021

Short Description

An engaging fantasy fiction story for ages 8 and up!


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Love, friendship, and trust highlight this enchanting story of a lonely rich girl who encounters a mysterious "unknown breed", an extremely beautiful white horse, on the grounds of her brand new country estate. Now it is up to her to convince her skeptical family to believe the animal's true identity, which proves to be the most difficult task of her life. A tale of suspense, humor, and mystery amounts to a thrilling climactic ending that is sure to touch the heart of many a reader. This is definitely an experience you will never forget!

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Shelli Misoyianis

Shelli Misoyianis

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