"Blackie and Goldie's Magical Adventures"

"Blackie and Goldie's Magical Adventures"


Shelli Misoyianis


Fiction, Children's Books, Fantasy

Publish Date

March 3, 2020

Short Description

Fill your hearts with the endearing woofs and meows of this fabulous furry duo whose curiosity and zest for life carry them all across their enchanted homestead of Florida in search of adventure!


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This is the sweet story of an adorable puppy and kitten exploring the fascinating world around them through the curious eyes of babies. No problems, no dilemmas, not a care in the world. It's all about having fun, living in the moment, and truly seizing the day! For when you are truly living in the here and now, there are no worries. That's exactly how life should be. How many human beings in this "fast-paced, 9-5 grind" society are honestly experiencing life in the present moment and nurturing their inner child?

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Shelli Misoyianis

Shelli Misoyianis

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