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Vincent A. Lanci

About The Author

Vincent A. Lanci is a Tampa, Florida based entrepreneur dedicated to normalizing the conversation around mental health and inspiring entrepreneurship.

After being the victim of a near-death hit-and-run accident while on foot, Lanci learned to prioritize his mental health and follow his passions.


At first, there was speculation if he would make it through the initial night, but as he remained alive, the doubts switched over to that he may need 24/7 aide for the rest of his life, never go to the bathroom on his own, walk, or talk properly again.


As he started to recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he began speaking in TBI support groups. He wanted to do more to give back.


Stay tuned for Lanci's latest Book Bundle release Q1 2023.

Vincent A. Lanci


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