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Scott Coon

About The Author

Scott Coon is an award-winning short story writer and former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst.


He served six years, rising to the rank of Sergeant. His service included a tour in Kuwait where he received a First Army Combat Patch and the Joint Service Achievement Award. Now a software developer for a major bank, Scott brings his computer and military experience into his work, along with a sense of spectacle.


His debut novel LOST HELIX, a sci-fi adventure/mystery, is available now. He also contributed "Tangled Fate" to It Came from Her Purse, published by Hiraeth SFF Publishing in 2021. Scott's first published story, “Firewall,” appeared in Nth Degree Magazine in 2006. His short "Enduring Winter" was a finalist in the Writers of the Future Awards, won Second Place in the New England SciFi Writers Assn Contest 2016, and was published in Bewildering Stories, Issue 849, March 2020.


Scott Coon shares his knowledge of writing with others and helps other creatives do the same. He hosts the Writers of Sherman Oaks Critique Group meetings and National Novel Writing Month write-in events. His YouTube channel and websites provide insights into his work and give advice to writers. His Little Creative Interview series helps to foster learning in the creative community. See his websites for more information.

Scott Coon


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Short Stories by the Author

Yule Time Truce

Yule Time Truce

“Been seeing her for a month and no one’s been arrested yet,” said Roy into his cell as he entered the elevator, shaking the early December snow from his jacket. “Well, considering the last two … no, I can’t go back to that restaurant.” He clicked the button and the elevator started to climb...

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