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R. J. Hanson

About The Author

RJ Hanson has two books on Amazon ranked #1 in epic fantasy and dark fantasy, Roland's Path and Fires that Forge. RJ began developing the epic sword and sorcery saga, Bloodlines Reforged, in 1996. However, it was 2019 before the first book was published. The Bloodlines Reforged Saga tells the tales of a warrior's courage, a scorned sorcerer's revenge, a corrupt church's perversion of faith, a grieving vampire dealing with loss, and a knight's struggle of breaking his oath in order to fulfill it. You will find plenty of magic, monsters, sword fights, and political intrigue in this multi-series adventure.

RJ began his love for all things fantasy at the age of 5. In 1978, when his mother bought him the Rankin & Bass production of The Hobbit, a 24 page read along with the record children's book, RJ's imagination was opened to a new world. Reading Tolkien, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Robert E. Howard, and even Stephen King, RJ began constructing worlds and characters of his own.

RJ began his writing career at forty-five. During the course of his life he accumulated a number of real-world experiences that have served to give him a unique understanding of the human condition and a perspective that gives his writing an honest grit. He has also benefited from years of training ranging from interview and interrogation techniques to hand to hand combat to SWAT tactics. RJ is a certified Firearms Instructor and Linguistic Statement Analyst. He also enjoys the distinction of having scored a touch, or 'touche', against an Olympic fencer during a pickup match in college. He's really too proud of it. He has been knocked out four times, his nose broken seven times, and his neck broken once. He knows a thing or two about describing experiences like those and that first hand knowledge shines through in the action of his works.

In his youth he worked as a cowboy having grown up on a small ranch in north Texas. At the age of 16 he was selected for the TAMS (Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science) project at the University of North Texas. In his spare time, RJ has studied medieval combat and military tactics as well as arms and armaments of various cultures and times. RJ plays in a weekly pen and paper RPG game (Rolemaster) with some close family and friends and some of the characters played have been around since 1996! His adult children like to joke that some of the characters are older than they are.

RJ and his wife, Michelle, live on a small ranch where they maintain a modest heard of cattle, two dogs, a variety of barn cats, and a peahen named Margaret (aka Ferd).

"Hanson's very visceral writing style captures the breathtaking excitement, terror, and wonder of fantasy adventure that I've found in roleplaying, computer gaming, and classics of the genre...but is so often lacking in contemporary offerings. The mental world inhabited by his characters is very well developed. Combat scenes are invariably creative, well-thought, and realistic in a way that will please purists while remaining fast paced enough to satisfy others. And it is an intriguing blend of high and low fantasy: while inhabiting a gritty world and hardly infallible, the protagonists are high-minded people trying to do the right thing in an often complicated and confusing world. If you're uncertain about your next fantasy read ... just get this one." Award winning author Jon Black

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R. J. Hanson


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Short Stories by the Author

One brother...

One brother...

One brother carried another, his own wounds seeping and dripping blood onto white marble that would one day be a street of the great trade city of Moras.  King Ivant, never one to lead from behind, now labored under the pain of his injuries and the weight of a noble brother in arms.

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Fires that Forge
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