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L. R. Lane

About The Author

L.R. Lane is an author - not unusual in this day and age, but nothing about him is typical.


After graduating from high school he perceived his life was to be all about finding ways to progress doing a variety of things in his community.


L.R. Lane grew up in B.C. Canada where the great outdoors was an exciting extension of his own backyard - not extremely rural, yet close enough to the mountains, forests and rivers to develop a true appreciation for the wilderness and its natural beauty.


Music was originally his main field for developing his discipline and it became a means for gaining valuable insight into a variety of sociological situations and collaborative relationships.


As a youngster L.R. Lane was trained on the piano playing classical music. After being a member of five working/performing bands he became employed as a ballet class accompanist.


He eventually married the dance class instructor and went on to create an original repertoire of piano music for them to use as a live stage performing duo, not recognizing how vital, complementary and significant his capability as a writer of literature was going to be. So they applied their individual disciplines together wherever it was possible, continuously looking for a rational purpose and a way to achieve a meaningful lifestyle in doing so.


Recognizing something in their world of fine arts instruction and performing was amiss (a major turning point influencing L.R. Lane's decision to expand the story from his music performing repertoire to create a book length version) became the impetus for the theme of his work - "Every perfect plan is potentially flawed in order to bring out the highest level of creativity in all of us". It became the observation for inspiring many opportunities to grow daily proving the concept's validity.


L.R. Lane believing the internet is where his audience can gain the most from his writing/composing skills focused on building a website in collaboration with his wife ( It makes many more aspects of his writing and creative production available for an audience to enjoy, critique and ponder than all other watered-down venues for presentation which readers, listeners and viewers often must sort through.


It has been an unusual and lengthy scramble to get reviews interviews and constructive critical commentary for bringing the most out of L.R. Lane's special online production both technologically and intellectually. Now finally his All in a Day's Dance story is an easily accessible artistic work of thought-provoking and playful descriptions.

L. R. Lane


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