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John Lander

About The Author

John Lander is a photographer and writer based in Japan. Having lived in Japan 30+ years and he has considerable knowledge about local cultures, foods and his specialty: Japanese gardens After teaching at Keio University and Tsukuba University for 25 years, John Lander turned to photography and writing travel features.

At present, John is devoted almost exclusively to photography - specializing in Japanese gardens, quirky offbeat roadside attractions, onsen hot springs and Japanese festivals. Located near Kamakura on the outskirts of Tokyo & Yokohama he has easy access to both Shonan Beach and the bright lights of Tokyo.

New books on Japan include: "World Heritage Japan" October 31, 2019 River Books, "Hidden Gardens of Japan" September 28, 2017 and "Offbeat Japan" December 2017 from IBC Publications.

John Lander


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