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Dawn Johnson

About The Author

I am a first time authour of a true story about me and my son's life dealing with living our lives with CMT on a daily basis. CMT stands for Charcot Marei Tooth Disease, no it has nothing to do with teeth but everything to do with a rare, progressive and hereditaty neurological condition. I take readers through the physical challenges-the toll on the body, passing the disease onto my son, numerous surgeries as well as ongoing treatment. The emotional tolls as well as weighing in on the societal issues of bullying, lack of CMT awareness, giving back and paying it forward are just few issues talked about. I am trying to educate all readers about this real life disease that needs so much more recognition.


Most of all I think my journey is inspirational. As a wife, mother, daughter, co-worker and friend, I think I share a raw and courageous veiw of coping, while trusting God's plans for my life even when I have had a difficult time with this part.


Join us on our emotional journey with this rare disease.

Dawn Johnson


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